Nashville Cigar Smoker’s Club

The Nashville Cigar Club meets at Nashville area cigar shops, cigar tasting events and our own club sponsored events. We offer free membership in our cigar forum, and an exclusive membership for a fee, which entitles members to premium events and discounts at most Nashville area smoke shops.


Be sure to introduce yourself in the introduction thread after you join, and check the event calendar for upcoming cigar events.


With SCHIP raising prices on cigars, Nashville laws banning smoking, and not enough cigar lounges in the area, we felt it was a great time to organize our own club for cigar smokers.

Most people don’t understand cigar aficionados, and they don’t know how to enjoy a premium cigar, or why we like to have cigar herfs. So, we will exercise our freedom to assemble and enjoy a great cigar with one another.

The Nashville Cigar Club is not just for those who have been smoking for years, as we want to introduce cigars to a new generation, so new smokers are welcome as well, and we would love to meet you. With over 450 members, we are sure you can find plenty of information about smoking cigars.

If you’re a cigar smoker, or establishment, and have suggestions to help, please feel free to contact us. We can meet with you to discuss how partnering with the NCC can make this a great resource for cigar smokers in Middle Tennessee.


We are an independent cigar smoker’s club and not a business. We support brick and mortar smoke shops in Nashville, and surrounding areas, including Bowling Green Kentucky.