Your membership with Nashville Cigar Club

The Nashville Cigar Club is a membership based cigar club. Any information collected from members will not be used for anything more than contact information for club organizers. No information will be sold or shared with anyone out of Nashville Cigar Club.

We are not affiliated with any particular establishment, nor are we based from any particular smoke shop. We do not share your information for marketing purposes, so this is why you need a membership card for discounts at area smoke shops. They do not have your information on file.

Anyone can join Nashville Cigar Club. We do not discriminate against age, race, religion or sexual orientation. Due to local tobacco laws you are required to be 18 and over, and some establishments will require you to be 21 and up to enter. Membership with Nashville Cigar Club cannot guarantee you will be invited to attend all events if your under 21 years of age.

We promote tobacco products only. We will not promote nor tolerate any illegal substances including marijuana. Some smoke shops we visit sells paraphernalia, but we do not endorse purchasing or using these products. If you wish to purchase these items, please do so when you are not attending events with Nashville Cigar Club, as we feel it reflects on our character. We are a cigar smoker’s club.

We are out to have a good time, enjoy a good cigar and meet new friends. Please always be aware of your actions when we gather as a club. Your actions will reflect on our club and we may ask you to leave if you are violating any local laws.